My boss was given this to try from a patient in an oral surgeons office …he gave it to me to try since I was camping in the wilderness , (lol ) in Florida …I have used it and have zero bug bites and the smell is pretty amazing …I want to purchase in 50 gallon drums …this is a great product and I will def buy more !!!!!

Wendy Moon

We’ve been using your formula for over 10 years?, I think, and it’s all we EVER use. We live on the Left Coast of Florida; where most of the year, you can’t go out WITHOUT coating yourself in bug spray. When we switched to this, we could FINALLY walk our dogs without dripping in sweat (your skin can BREATHE with this, unlike DEET-based formulas) and not have to shower to wash it off when we got home! We’ve used it on our dogs and our son, since the day he came home from the hospital, with complete confidence! We got a great deal on a baby daily deal website before he was born (he’s 7 now) and we just ordered our first refill today! This is FANTASTIC stuff!!! Thanks, y’all, for coming up with this combo!


I rarely write public reviews, but I feel compelled to write for Jade and Pearl on their product BeatIt.

I live in Texas, right on a bayou…The devils that fly around here, particularly at dusk are enormous.

We spray our dogs, our grass, our entryway, even our plants. We spray each other. It has a wonderfully energizing and even a “happy” smell going on to it. We are always happy when we are spraying it, so you know they have some sort of Happiness Juju they throw in there. No funky filmy residue either…it actually leaves your skin feeling soft and beautiful healthy.

Your skin is going to love it.

I volunteer at a local animal sanctuary, where the Director turned me onto this product. I was skeptical at first, but it was very hot and farm work isn’t easy. When we finally sat down in some shade for water and lunch, I had realized “Hey…I haven’t been bitten by any mosquitoes!! Awesome!” In Texas this is a HUGE win.

What happened next was also typical for Texas…when I sat for lunch, I sat too near a Fire Ant colony. They crawled up my arms, legs, back and then ALL started biting at the same time.

If you live in Texas you probably know the feeling…I was bright red and in so much pain trying to use a waterhose on them, when The director Renee, came to me with a bottle of BeatIt.

“Spread out your arms, and lets see your legs,” she said, “this stuff works even after you’ve been stung or bit.” She sprayed me down and

Within seconds…

not minutes. Within seconds, the mixture of oils was soothing the burning. I had never in my life seen anything like it. Proud to spread the word anywhere I go.

We will never use another bug spray. Please Please Please never ever change your formula!!!!!!!


Pamela Valentine – Wild Earth, LLC

Pamela Valentine

I served in the Peace Corps in Belize in 2013-2015. Before leaving I went to the Beat It office to get some Beat It. Gloria gave me a case of Beat It as a going away present… and boy did I ever appreciate it. I was based at the edge of the jungle in a house with no screens, and traveled frequently into the rain forest. It was the best gift I could have gotten:)

Celeste Segrest

Just a note to say how well Beat It works! We traveled to the British Virgin Islands from the States, and the mosquitoes were awful there! They just loved us and bit us a lot to prove it!. But applying both Avon’s So Soft and Beat It, it was just amazing how those pesky bugs stopped biting! The only thing I did do was add more pure peppermint oil to Beat It, as my grandkids hated the smell. Adding the peppermint oil made the smell much better. This product is great and I’d recommend it for everyone!


Really works on me and the dogs and am so glad to get away from breathing deet. Dogs no longer run away while I’m trying to spray them; they obviously didn’t like deet either but, like me, don’t mind Beat It! Thank you. The gallon container is well worth the price and we keep the small bottles handy and filled and ready for our woods walks during this extra heavy mosquito season in north Florida.


I wanted to send a letter of gratitude for your generosity for your donation of Beat It! In August, 4 of us students traveled to Haiti to volunteer at a birth center there called MamaBaby Haiti. Personally, I used your product as I was trying to sleep on the front balcony. It was quite hot in the building, so your product allowed me to sleep outside where it was a bit cooler. I did not feel bad reapplying because I knew the product was non-toxic to my skin and my body. I was very grateful to have it. We left what was not used there for the staff and other volunteers. Thanks again for your donation. I recommend your company to many people! Have a great day.

Andrea, Student Midwife at Florida School of Traditional Midwifery

I just wanted to thank you for your OMazing product – I went to India in January with 4 other women – all together we had 10 different insect repellents – Beat It was the only one that worked consistently and kept me bug free which is quite a feat since the bugs love me so much – I am a fan and loyal customer – thank you!!!


I just wanted to tell you how much I absolutely love your Beat It product!! I started using it on myself (the mosquitoes really love me) and on my 13 ½ year old black lab dog two weeks ago. Of course it keeps the bugs away from me and has conditioned my skin but the absolutely amazing part of this story is what it has done for my dog!!

This past summer (2009) we went to look at some land on the Santa Fe River in Florida during the flooding. My lab “Zero” decided he wanted to play in the standing water. Before that he had the most beautiful black coat of fur and after about one week, he had chewed himself to death and all of his hair started falling out. I have tried everything possible and it continued to just get worse and worse to where he smelled and I had to brush him really hard every night but his skin flaked no matter how much I brushed him, washed him, put oils on him and in his food. My house has been full of his fur and I was preparing to take him to the vet.

Well, after putting your BEAT IT! product on him for just a few days he stopped scratching and chewing himself, his coat started to get shiny and now, after two weeks there are no more flakes and his hair is growing back!!

When I get home from work, he immediately goes to the bottle of Beat It, backs up to me and begs me to put it on him. He would rather be sprayed for the evening and brushed before begging for his doggy snack. It is amazing and I thank you so much!!

Sincerely sincere!!

Carol Ann

Kristen Westlake

The best!


I bought your product for a trip to Africa I took last August. It was great! Since then I tried it on my horses and found it to be better than any other stuff so far. I hate the harsh chemicals in commercial fly sprays.


I was at Assateague island with a bunch of buddies. Any of you that know This particular island know that the mosquitoes and black flies are out of control. I used beat it while my buddies were using deet products. I was the only one of us able to wear shorts and stayed completely black fly bite free. I’m buying a gallon of this stuff!


This stuff is awesome – I spray it liberally on my skin, my clothes and my hair and not only does it work well, but it smells great too (and I haven’t noticed any stains or discoloration on my clothes). I think it’s probably the most effective non-DEET product that I’ve tried to date; we don’t go camping or running without it!


Our puppy has Lyme’s disease even after her shots to prevent it. I should have used Beat It. Thanks for a great product.


Beat It! Swamp stomping tested. Double thumbs up. Saved my butt many a time. One thing I like about it is that it keeps those dang Yellow Flies from lighting on you. They are the meanest and fastest biting flies in the world as far as I am concerned. And another thing I found to be true about Beat It is you can get your friend to use it and just stay near them and the bugs won’t light on either of you..goood stuff for sure.


The absolute best!


I live on 20 acres in north central Florida. With all of the rain we received this summer, the mosquito population thrived beyond belief. The other day I went out to spray my chicken coop with Beat It because it had become a mosquito nesting place. First, I generously sprayed myself with the product and then I thoroughly sprayed the coop. I did this 2 days in a row. AMAZING results! First of all, though the bugs buzzed around me the entire time I was in the midst of them, I did not receive even 1 bite. When I returned the following day to spray the coop again, the number of bugs had greatly diminished and once again, I did not get bitten. With this good fortune, I then tackled my fountain which needed to be drained of water, cleaned and started running again after being out of commission all summer. I heavily sprayed myself with Beat It top to bottom, drained and cleaned the fountain as the mosquitoes buzzed around me, filled it and got it running again. No bites. All I can say is, what a product!!


Thank you for shipping the Beat It! My crew and I use it faithfully. We love it!

Stephen & Barbara

I love this stuff! It keeps every bug known to man off of me and my children, including gnats!


I have it sitting out for all our co workers here and with the mosquitoes at an all time high right now it is a blessing. I feel good about sharing it with everyone knowing it is safe for us and for the critters. I spray it on the dogs when needed as well with no worries about it causing problems in conjunction with their other meds.


We live in SW Florida. Bug Central! We have dogs, cats and an almost 2 year old grandson. In the evenings here, if you go out to walk the dogs…..you are SWARMED by mosquitoes and no-see-um’s. Only option before this was to spray ourselves down with bug spray. That greasy, toxic crap that turns you into a walking puddle, out in Florida’s summer nights, when it’s in the 90′s with 98% humidity. Never mind toxic. I know, I said that already. We asked some Florida Crackers (native Floridians) what to do — were told to rub ourselves down with a fabric softener sheet (also toxic chemicals), after which you tuck it into your collar or pants pocket. Actually did help! But, still toxic, and while it did help some, we were still munched on.

OK, so back to this stuff, It arrives, I break it out and off we go to walk the dogs, with the grandbaby in stroller. All humans sprayed. Not greasy, toxic & smells pretty good, but not SO good hubby won’t wear it, it’s kinda lemony! NOT ONE FRIGGING BITE. We did this for over two weeks and still bite free. Now — one of the cats had fleas. We sprayed the brush with it and brushed her down, she was barely damp. BUT THE FLEAS WERE GONE. Dachshund – tick magnet, he’s so close to the ground, he makes it easy on them. I was pulling four or five off him every week. I finally broke down and bought him a tick collar. I didn’t want to, because the chemicals from it are absorbed into his organs, same as with flea drops, and I try to keep my dogs as healthy & non-toxic as possible, but since I’m also a person with Chronic Lyme Disease, the benefit outweighed the risk. But he doesn’t need it anymore, I just spray him down with this stuff before we go out and NO MORE TICKS.

I’m really thrilled to have found this stuff, and it DEFINITELY works fabulously well! here in Florida. I highly recommend trying it.


Beat It has made summer in Florida possible! I don’t leave home without it.


I love beat it only I want to use on my family and myself!! Thank you for having it available!


Best repellent I ever used, great for kids and puppies too.


Been using this stuff for years! The only insect repellent I like.


Yeah !! My fav product & one of my best sellers in my store !! People love it !! It works awesome !!


Here in Vermont, the black flies and other assorted biting flies are almost legendary. And as my job keeps me outside all summer, I have come to depend on BEAT IT!


Got the beat it I ordered! Loved it 20 years ago. Still LOVE it!


We love this product! It even keeps the biting flies off of our dog. 😀


I love Beat It! Smells so good and works great!


I am glad I picked up your Beat It! mosquito repellent! It’s been working so well for me, who usually is the first person to get covered by mosquitoes. It’s been working better than picaridin-based repellent I have. Friends tell me your repellent smells like ginger ale.

Yang Yi

It’s yellow fly season in Melrose, Florida. We were having a barbecue and I bought a couple of bottles of your product. The flies would still swarm but they wouldn’t bite me but they still bit everyone else who didn’t use it. I’m blown away by it and am already telling more people about it and giving it as gifts.




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